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Pause - text


Hunnid K spent on a whip
Hunnid K soent on a whip
Hunnid K spent on a whip
Young Metro
Hunnid K spent on a whip, Metro
Hunnid K spent on a whip, Metro
If Young Metro don't trust you I’m gon’ shoot you

Hunnid K spent on a whip, pause
Hunnid K spent on my bitch, pause
Hunnid K spent in the VIP, pause
Whipping up dope in the pot, pause
30 round clip on my glock, pause
Pull up then somebody shot, pause

[Verse 1]
Niggas callin’ 12, yeah, niggas callin’ 12 (21)
We keepin’ it in streets (bitch), we don't want your ass in jail (bitch)
I got clientele (skrrt) off that triple beam scale (skrrt)
Got ass killed tryna run off with a bale (21)
I just spent 15 hunnid on a belt (belt)
15 hunnid on my main bitch hair (21)
Yeah, I'm real right, I took an oath not to tell
If you try the gang, we gon’ shoot you like Adelle (pop-pop-pop)
I was runnin’ up with fifties, man, one-five for a fifty, man
I got a four hunnid, man, AK hold a hunnid, man
AK hold two hunnid, man, pull up in a minivan (ooh)
Suckin’ on her titties, man, she gon’ fuck me an’ my man (what)
I just walked up out the bank, fold my money, bitch, I can't
I just drunk a hunnid pints, I just smoked a pound of dank

Yeah, pause, yeah, pause
Yeah-yeah, pause, yeah, pause
Yeah-yeah, pause, yeah, pause
Wow, pause, wow, pause

[Verse 2]
Hit the dope, pause (skrrt)
Hit your ho, pause (skrrt)
Whip the bowl, pause (skrrt)
Rob the stove, pause (skrrt)
That was back in the day (the day)
But I still walk ‘round with K’s (the Ks)
But I still catch me a case (a case)
Shot to the head, to the face (the face)
Bitch, I'm goin’ stay in your place (your place)
Bitch, I might nut on your face (your face)
Bitch, I might nut on your buddy (your buddy)
Bitch, ain't no lovin’, no cuddlin’ (no cuddlin’)
Bitch, I gon’ shoot like I'm butler (Butler, pow)
Young savage shoot like D Rose, pause
Young savage cuffin’ these hoes, (nah)
I ain't got nothin’ but dick (but balls)
I be on sirup like I cough
Young metro know that he hot, sauce
Wanna see me, the it's gon’ cost
Went from the projects to the loft
Since I was young, I done broke laws
Since I was young, I done broke jaws
She suck the dick like she got four jaws
Bitch I'm a dog with no pause

Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch
Hol’ up, bitch, hol’ up
What you talkin’ about?
Bitch, bitch, it ain't ‘bout no check
Bitch, bitch, I don't want hear that shit
Bitch, bitch, young savage in this bitch, bitch
Bitch, tryna nut on all on your main hoe bitch
Bitch, bitch, I'm still with the gang, bitch
Bitch, better stay in your lane, bitch

Yeah, better stay in your lane, ho
Ayy, I got gas like Rambo
Ayy, I got choppers like Rambo
Ayy, slaughter gang, bitch, and we got ammo
Ayy, I don't wear no mother-fuckin’ camo
Ayy, I just bought a mother-fuckin’ Lambo’
Ayy, I just popped the roof and popped the [?]
Fuck it, keep all that

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Video přidal Mikaelcece

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