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Wreathed in Flame - text

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Through centuries past, a generation of fools preside
Hope and salvation, the promised land
Scriptures passed on, venom concealed
In hereditary swine!
Flooding veins, a black death vision divine
Tenderfoots tread the path to their lair
A generous prize for the price of a soul
Seasons bring tomorrow's rain - To wash away our sins
Frozen in the winter's pain - Still beating within
Crystallising - Finite suspension
Hibernation - Insidious devolution/malignant cell structures
Mechanisms, contracting
Steel, grinding steel
Circuitry, reforming
Becoming, reformed
Hybrid, devoid, programmed, emotionless
Sacred, martyr, worship, the hand of God
Seas of blank faces, washed out with pride
Awaiting the number, my calling
Uniform hatred, prime detective
Blueprint for a better world
Flocks of the blind, march silent in time
Walks brave through the darkness, the spectres our guides
The day of our judgement the saviour proclaims
A vile winged serpent, with a head wreathed in flames
Legions of dead nations rise to command
Battalions drum the pulse of earth's thunder
Tidal waves of white light flood the extermination
Vaporising species, souls effervescing one last time
Atmospheres vacuum, thieving air from lungs, moisture from eyes
Skin cracks in spider-web symmetry, stripping white bone
Gusts taking dust, to a spirit realm unknown
An eternity in torment, where ancestors dwell

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Saturnian texty

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