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The Shadow of Prophecy - text

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Traced back through aeons of time and dust
An organic and ancient script
Branded in the skin of the earth, yet
Frayed and faint under the tread of mankind
Scibed in the tongues now exinct and untold
To the weak, the unenlightened, and devoid of vision
Blood long lost in the echelons
Yet bound in silence, and awoken in minds
As pure as the sky whence they came
Egregore - Amor Fati!
Visions haunting me, elating me
With symbols I did not realize before the division!
Come unto me, seeds of our fathers
Burn in the flames, kindled in sin
Concealed and ecrypted within
Forever, and for eternity!
Blood long lost in the echelons
Yet bound in silence, and awoken in time
As pure as the fire whence they came
Egregore - Amor Fati!
Serving only unto us, I summon thee
Dormant wisdom held precious and silent in time
From the cold and the dark, bring the light
And make dawn from this night
The evolution cycles once again!
I beseech thee, I will not fall this time!
I heed your call, now, the shadow, my bidding now
My only reform, this mortal form, now becomes me
(In)significant, a purpose beyond the coils of genesis!
Now spectrums collapse, leaving pillars aching
Under the weight of humanities scars
Refracting images in waves of despair
Visions lost and replaced with the gold of your fools
Your strength becomes your infinite weakness
Destiny's bell tolls now!
I heed your call!

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