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Symptomatic, temperatures freeze and burn in revulsion
Distressing the fever, and blinding the mind, perception revoking
Breaking the vector's control in the crystalline structure
Defying laws of our creators, centuries wisdom evoking
Cerebral malfuncitons entwined
Corpus callosum
Making sense of the manic depression
Corpus callosum
Deriving the visual illusion
Transcendence for one becomes one and for all
A union prescribed in the past
Transcendence for one becomes one and for all
A union blessed by the giants!
Transposed through the ages in time of the earth
A new form of life is resplendent
Conception of interstitial voids; defy the rules of the carbon formation
Flesh becomes reformed again, to shatter the confines of mankind's deception
Strength now becomes conceptual - the physical traps now behold no defect!
Shadows reality as they once told, I beg of thee
Take me with you, I see you now, I believe
I watch over you from within
I see the truth behind your eyes!
Ab initium, ad infinitum
I rise above, but remain below!
Corpus callosum
Sensing new realms of the world awaken!
Corpus callosum
Behold the ritual seclusion!
Cerebral malfunctions entwined
Sanctified dimensions defined!
Tesseractual gateways now open
These sanctified dimensions are mine

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