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Wishin' Boot (feat. Blake Shelton) - text


Sometimes the storm clouds seem dark
It feels like there's no hope
But trust us, there's something out there, watching over you
All you gotta do is believe

When I was sixteen, our farm burned down
Daddy took to drinkin', all over town
I raised my brothers in an old motel
Went from livin' in heaven, to starvin' in hell
And then one day I heard a knock at the door
Opened it up and saw a boot on the floor

It was a wishin' boot, the wishin' boot
The little black boot that makes your dreams come true
It was a wishin' boot, it was full of food
When you're in need, just believe
In the wishin' boot

When I was young nobody taught me wrong from right
Started stealin' trucks by day, and hookin' by night
Goin' nowhere fast in a one horse town
Shot a Johnny in Amarillo, and they took me down
I was in jail facin' twenty to life
‘Til the warden said there's a visitor that wants to say hi

It was a wishin' boot, the wishin' boot
It paid my bail and bought me a new suit
‘Cuz that boot could see, see the good in me
Next day by dawn it was gone
That's the wishin' boot

I was workin' in the barn, with my ol' dog jake
When the wishin' boot appeared, and I thought, this is a mistake
I walked up to the boot to say everything's alright
Then the boot pulled out a knife and threatened my life
This was not the wishin' boot, it was a fake
And suddenly my good ol' dog began to change shape

It was a wishin' boot, the real wishin' boot
The whole dang time that dog had been the boot
Oh wishin' boot, beautiful and true
You're so much more than a boot
You're the wishin' boot

The wishin' boot is a boot and it's there when you need it
Don't ask how it knows what it knows, just take what it gives you
And never let it go

It's the wishin' boot, just believe it's true
It's hope in the form of little ol' dirty boot
Your the wishin' boot, the boot is you
Tell all your friends ‘bout the boot
‘Bout wishin' boot
‘Bout wishin' boot
‘Bout the wishin' boot
The wishin' boot

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