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Reach out your hand and follow me
I have the code, the code to the key
The key to the secret, the secret of space
It’s Neurotology

Religion and science intertwined
Aliens live inside of our minds
A billion-year contract we have signed
It all makes sense to me

We’ll always believe this,
We are invested, invested till death
We’re in this forever,
Never to leave it until our last breath

We are here
Our path is clear
We are finally free with Neurotology

The gorgeous religion, old and true
Started in 1982
Our founder brings us endless life
‘cause he can never die

Our brain machines can fix our minds
Our brain machines can save mankind
Each brain machine costs twenty grand
And that is fair and fine

We, we are the children,
The children of Meepthorp, the science is there
We, we are a family, joined by the knowledge
The knowledge we share

We are light! We are life!
We are proud to be

Ooh we, ooh we, we believe
Ooh we, ooh we, we believe
Ooh we, ooh we, we believe
Ooh we, ooh we, we believe
Ooh we, ooh we, we believe…

We, we are the future
We’re like a rocket into the sea…
We used to be starfish
Enslaved by the seagulls
But now we are free

We are home
We are one
We will always be

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