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(Do It On My) Twin Bed (feat. Jimmy Fallon) - text

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Angela lil' Baby Aidy

We're home for the holidays.
And this year, we brought our boyfriends home with us.
But just because we're back in our mom and dad's house...
Doesn't mean we can't still get a little nasty.

Back in town visiting my mom and dad
But that don't mean I don't wanna be bad
Say what's up to my cousins
Say what's up to my neighbors
Then take my man to my childhood bedroom.

This is my old christening dress
And here's my stack of X-Files on VHS.

Now we're gonna freeze (freeze)
In my monkey sheets
That I've had since I was a kid.

Let's do it on my twin bed (twin bed)
You're not gonna like it (like it)
But it's the only option (option)
Where we can get it poppin' (poppin')
Let's do it on my twin bed (twin bed)
Pop and fall off it (off it)
But let's get wild (wild)
In a bed for a child. (child)

If you want an old cat to watch you bone
You're gonna want to get down in my parents' home
It'll lick its body (body)
While you lick my body (body)
Then he'll throw up on your bag!

Come on, sexy boy, gotta do this quick
While my folks are at the pharmacy
My mom is sick
She's had a cough (cough)
She got it from Jean (Jean)
And now it's a whole thing with Jean.

I'm glad you got to meet my Uncle Ted
Now keep it down 'cuz he's asleep on my trundle bed.

Hey don't mind me (me)
We're family (leeee)
Did ya hear Aunt Ruth is dead? (sad)

Let's do it on my twin bed (twin bed)
Even though Aunt Ruth's dead {Ruth's dead)
Wish we had more room (more room)
But grandma got the guest room (guest room)
But we can still get nasty (nasty)
Wipe against my trophies (trophies)
You're a certified hottie (hottie)
Like JTT.

Aww, thanks!

Girl, you know I love you, but let's be clear
I'm having lots of trouble gettin' horny here
I wanna get down and do my thing
But your childhood bed has antique springs
And I guess your mom don't know how to knock
Keep my foot on the door 'cuz it doesn't lock
I can't fully undress in case your parents come through
Just shirt, no pants, like Winnie the Pooh
And why I'm even tryin' to get laid near a photo of you from seventh grade!

Let's take it back now, y'all!

So let's do it on my twin bed (twin bed)
You're not gonna like it (like it)
But you can't be picky (picky)
When you're staying with your family! (family)

Having sex on a tiny twin bed.

Happy Holidays

We out.

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  • V roce 2014 byla píseň nominovaná na cenu Emmy v kategorii "Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics" ("Nejlepší originální hudba a text") (Eva01)
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