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Brother war will rise again; He draws
Nearer from the oceans,
Ascending through the air, assemble the strength and
Press forward across the isles, our
Spirits make them weak never losing sight of
The blood to be shed at our hands.

We hold our gorges and our summits and our skies
We hold our beaches at the outlay of our lives
We will face their swords, their arrows and their fires
We will face them with all our strength, speed,
Will and might.
We will ride honour directly to fight to
Shield good through the darkest of nights.
Without regret. There is no fear.
Stand tall and we will prosper. The nads of justice will
Compose their fall.

We've siffered disorder;
We heed darkened skies as daylight
Grows weary with a battle that will
Tire the moon

We carry on with hands to hold
thourgh the sorrow.

They'll write epic ballands about us.
As we're fighting for what is right

Text přidal Belq

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