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The northern winds carried the vision of a time yet to be,
when the cold breath of evil once ascends from it's throne.
To join me as one with the night, in the light of moon,
to let me inhale the mist of my sorrows.
Let them flow through my veins and awaken the malice,
the convulsion to be reborn like Fenris unbound from its chains.
So that I could forever wander in search for his morbid heart,
and leave behind just the footsteps in the snow..

Towards a gate between life and oneness with darkness,
on a path made of crushed joyless frozen flowers.
I will never look behind me, the desolate dark awaits,
only once reaching out to crush the memory of life.
Wandering into the endless depths of the dying horizon,
to disappear in the raging funeral snowfall.
In obscurity, encircled by the coiling shapes in ice,
with eyes staring into the silent infinity where eternity awaits...

Text přidala WT-Sharon74

Videa přidala WT-Sharon74

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