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Blessed Be, the Grim Arts! - text


The black death
in 1346
When you, the son of the night, son of the Transylvanian plague,
Started to pale, detear to dirty shreads
We hail your grim arts of disastrophy, the pain was real
Your arts of grim desseray
Fear and death, agony and synestithy, to anyone who didn't obey you!
The grim arts of disastrophy has started!
Suffering for hours, under your sight,
The human race was suffering for your pure pleasure,
Spilling blood everywhere!

Stick a stake, into the victim's anus
When it's deserted to horses'
Starting to grow in slowly forward
Throat slit and feed to the horses
The victim gains fear of the stake

No mercy for the weak ones!

No mercy,
For the human race!

By the grim art of disastrophy
We shall prevail our will
Our iron law
Obey, or you'll die suffering human
We shall build again The Order Of The Dragon!
Our suffering empire!

The grim art of disastrophy shall return!
We stand victorius!
Hail the son from ecsentromacy
Evil shall prevail, Evil shall prevail!

Text přidala WT-Sharon74

Videa přidala WT-Sharon74

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