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Psychopathology - text


In a morbid dream world
There is no holy places to hide
From all the sick and evil forces
Dwelling deep inside
Your own body is your asylum
A dark endless purgatory
Silent screams in the night
Manic disturbed mentally

Psychotic tendensies
Shaped by motivations unknown
Seeking new identities
AS vicious characters twist into form
With a deep unique insight
Driven by the simple needs
Cause every vision born inside
Is within the nature of the beast

Ungodly voices of devastations
Demanding impure manifestations

In a sanctuary of darkened sing
Nightmare scenarios I am visualizing
Signs of metamorhosis
Multiple personalities

I am a mysterious case
A person that can not be solved
If you get to near you will be swallowed
Caught in my spiders web
I am the beast that dwell
In the cold dark halls of hell
My horizon is forever black
Constantly under demonic attacks

Playing a psychiatric game
On the borderline of the insane
Under savage sacrifical and sadictic lust

Text přidal DevilDan

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