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The Corruption Of Mercy - text


She learned to run, before she could walk
A 1000 and l eyes waiting for her to fall
No teacher to teach her right from wrong
Only media icons to sculpt her lonely, lonely song

No life to envy
Corrupt and unworthy

Mercy sits, wondering why she's here
Left to her own devices
A collection of cells
Made up by two hollow shells,
Backs they turn the moment she'll yearn, yearn.

No life to envy
Corrupt and unworthy
Take me away
So life can't find me

She follows a blackened path
A path walked by many a child
No holding hands, no wiping tears

But Mercy knows, she knows where this will lead
No one can touch me
No one can hurt me
No one can touch me there

If I don't run from here my head with explode
I'm not your piece of flesh so you can unload,
If I don't break this silence no one can help me
If I speak now with any one believe me ?
Black out, blank it out, close my eyes, filthy memory
Stale breath, rough hands, closed eyes,
Its torn from me, my dignity

Text přidala Mortis

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