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Yo Rome
What's up this is clou
I know that Formula Vol. 2 is done man
I know its fire
I need my advanced copy man
Hit me back
Hey mani
Que es lo que
Dime a ver de que Formula 2 viene durísimo
Pa' yo ver esa vaina
Hey Romeo
It's been a long time
I wanna hear Vol. 2
I heard its fire
Don't be a stranger
Romeo Santos
Hey man
It's Kevin Hart
A.k.a chocolate drop
What's with this Formula 2 sh*t
I don't understand
Why you would go with a Formula 2 title
For your album man
There's so much better stuff out there
Like you supposed to be big
With the with the spanish community
You know what i'm saying
So you should go with some spanish sh*t man
Like guava
You know what i'm saying
Or or or or how about tamales
Tamales on something
Something else man
Bottom line
If you need help
Call your boy
You know i'm huge over there
Spanish woman love me
They call me chocolate drope
Tell em'
Hey man f*ck
You get what i'm trying to say
No Formula 2 bullshit

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Fórmula, Vol.2


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