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Desesperada (English Extended Version) - text


Hear the voices whispering
always watchin' every move
we make
love is only black or white
and we know the chances
that we take
afraid of what they'd do
afraid of what could happen
if they knew
bout me and you, I'm feelin'

gotta sneak way
gonna steal away again
tonight, tonight
desperate lovers
gotta find a way
always gonna find a way to
hold on high
I'd do anything to be with you
two shadows running
through the night

It's a wonder love can grow
when there's so much anger,
so much fear around
but somehow we found each
even though we´re both from
different side of town
don´t know what they´d do
don´t know what would
happen if they knew
bout me and you


Maybe someday we can be
be together naturally, no
pain, no pain
lovin´in the light of day
not afraid of way thet´re
gonna do or say

eyes that just won't see
till the time when our hearts
can be free
we must be


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