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Coffinkid. - text

Oh well, guess I don't have a purpose not without you
Crying over you in my room writing about you
Guess I was right at first sight to kinda doubt you
I will never get out of this all I do is lose

I don't wanna talk right now, play the fucking songs real loud
Drown all the fucking thoughts of you right out
Fuck my life, watch the blood pour out
Your eyes gonna bring my heart I know

But I lost that shit a long time ago
Inject my veins with venom, let it flow
And staying from it right after it grow
I'm a coffinkid, coffinkid, put me in a coffinkid, coffinkid

Why'd I fucking fall for this, yeah, why'd I fucking fall for it
You took a piece of me, you ruined my identity
Already took my wrist, might as well take the rest of me
Back on my bullshit, self destructive tendencies

I only care about that music, baby it's my destiny
Time for some nighttime sadness, coffinkid, I belong in a casket
Ruin my fucking life while you're at it
Made yourself a drug, I fell as an addict

Just tell me I'm useless already
I can see the light, my eyes are getting heavy
If I don't have her life, it isn't worth a thing
I'm gonna die, young baby hear me sing

Coffin kid, I belong in a coffinkid, I'm a coffinkid
We're all just coffinkids

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Video přidala DeadInside

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