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Mission Failed - text


Maybe it's ok it's fine
But you’re going try to pretend
You’re not losing your mind
You'll break coz you won't let it bend
And you failed your mission again

When you can't get what you want
You search all through the night
Shadows on the road
Remind you of a different time
You’re chasing that fading light

I love to hear your lies
When you tell me we’ll be friends
I can see it in your eyes
I'll never see you again

A broken heart is never the same
Although you can try to pretend
All that sadness will run through your veins
Maybe we should just be friends
There's heartache around the bend

Loving isn't a crime
You sneak around like a fool
You did the same last time
You'll break coz you won't let it bend
You failed your mission again

Text přidala -_-Kikush-_-

Video přidala -_-Kikush-_-

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