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Once upon a time you'd talk to me
how your wild rivers were reaching out for me
and fed into an ocean of love,
if I had read you carefully
You swore to lead me through my sleep
and even in times when I should not weep
you'd find a way to cleanse my soul,
come to drown my restless feet

While all those simple things that I had not
turned to old friends that I soon forgot
I burned all their memory solemnly,
still waiting for your flood
Till there won't remain that many things to ask
staying on-shore had to become my greatest task
Got to find a way to cleanse my soul on my own
and drown my restless feet

Oh can't you see how I'm longing for you
to take me with you on a river of excess
Will need a rainstorm to fill up my emptiness

Don't you hear how I'm calling out for you
Come wash me over with your current full of passion
Your raging streams shall make me melt in open seas of caress

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