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A woman beneath this thirsty moon
she´s been my vision of delight
Her pictures spinning through my head
to set a fire through the night

But what am I supposed to do about it
these restless waters running dry
Stared at this scene, not knowing what it means
until she slowly faded out of sight
All the words were dropping out of line

It feels so lonely all the time
getting lost within our dream

She said there ain't much to worry ´bout
and if I do then I should wonder why
Need to get rid of all my naive foolishness
see that to love it still means to fight

Though it all feels so forlorn now
The myth that I came to repent
is waiting just to be reborn and
together we´ll be once again
I bet I´ll meet you in the end

Bound to this selfish old moon
whose wailing winds won´t lead me to my bride
When all the pain´s been washed away by silent rain
I know we´ll end up all our strife
and may love again

Text přidal Grunge_Kid

Video přidal Grunge_Kid

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