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She's been awake for seven days and nights
Torn is her shadow on the ceiling
She got trapped in the lair of that demon and
it took her too long just to believe it

She tied herself to his rotten heart
didn't sense that he´d cause her heart to bleed
'fore he took his heavy toll on her fragile mind
Would never stop to mistreat her

Then no matter what she did,
would be deceit just to herself
A blurry vision's pouring down to her,
how to escape from this living in hell

It was in vain and all to regret
how that lady in rags fell for the devil in disguise
Back in her daze so full of love and of laughter
she had been paralyzed

While she needs to get away from him
since she grew so very tired of it
Having seen her friends getting soaked in her misery
Needs to leave them all behind

And a sweet memory sustained
she'll keep it trembling in insanity
May find a cure for this, but one day
depends on what she´ll decide

In a blue dream I've seen her fleeing from him
but then she might just slip away
and fall into a deep and narcotic sleep
Might never wake up again

All the hellhounds sing her name "Oh Mary"
Now look at all that you could have had
and you're still haunted by his hollow embrace
You may be consumed by fear

Out of the blue right into the black
you may be swallowed by fear

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Video přidal Grunge_Kid

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