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I feel like a stranger in this town
with all these lonely souls down in its veins
I don't know what to think when I take a look around
guess what I have lost yet can't be found

And when I roam these endless streets at night
still wondering where the hell I got wrong
when I had seen your masterplan as it came undone
while the greatest hymn remained unsung

Still wouldn't mind if you'd come over to me
if still we both cling to our sides of this story
But I won't pretend to be smart no more,
no I ain't that strong
I feel like a stranger even to myself ever since you're gone

Oh how I wish that you would set me free
just when you said you don't belong to me

And when you said you don't belong to me
Oh how I wished that you would set me free

Here I lay slain by a blind sun
that once had shone for a few privileged ones
when they came to feast on my silent prey
still don't know where i belong
So I will hide myself away now
till I'll be recognized and conceived
by radiant eyes that always burn
Oh and I will be relieved

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