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Rock 'N' Roll Romeo - text


Back stage butterfly floats by
Fix the face, smoke a cigarette
And just relax, baby
Well, I know the role by heart
And baby you never had no lines to forget

Well, life is a stage
So step into the light
And the part that play
Well, you're a star, a star in this outrageous night

It's me, Rock 'N' Roll Romeo
Meet you babe, Blue Jean Juliet
Yeah, let's rock 'n' roll

Thirty days on the road and
I can fall in love with a silhouette
Huh, that don't say much for you, baby
Well I ain't no faggot, no, no, no, no
We'll get something staright between us yet
Maybe up in the balcony, Juliet

Well life's just a stage (something French)
Blinded by the light
And the part that you play, baby
Well you're a star to me in this outrageous night

Ooh yeah, it's me, Rock 'N' Roll Romeo
Meet you babe, yeah, Blue Jean Juliet
Well the stage is set for Marie Antoinette
And Rock 'N' Roll Romeo

From the balcony
All the way to the front row
Rock 'N' Roll Romeo
Me to you, babe
Rock 'N' Roll Romeo
Blue Jean Juliet

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