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When I'm staring into space
You wonder what I'm thinking of
No one's ever crossed my mind
When I'm thinking about you, my love

All my memories
My special fantasies
There's someone I owe them to
And baby, it's you

When I'm dreaming in my sleep
Many worlds I travel to
My soul is yours to keep
I always will return to you

Until we can fly away
Go where the angels play
Become a kiss from the sun to the day

(Ooh baby, it's you) Oh, yeah
(Ooh baby, it's true) It's true
(Ooh baby, it's you) Oh, yeah
Baby, it's you

When I'm beaming of light
So sure of myself and this place I'm in
It's always fresh and new
That something, I'm in touch again

And it's no mystery
How it happens to me
You're the one I owe it to
Yeah, baby

(Ooh baby, it's you) Forever and ever
(Ooh baby, it's true)
(Ooh baby, it's you) Oh, yeah
(Ooh baby, it's true)

(Ooh baby, it's you) Everyday
(Ooh baby, it's true)
(Ooh baby, it's you) You know it's true
(Ooh baby, it's true)

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