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Yeah, you know my, my blood is red
And blue, child my skin is pure white, yeah
And I, I don't pull no punches
If some fool wants to fight

'Cause the kid ain't afraid, no to get up and make a stand
Oh, no, no
For love or money, I get it any way I can
You know I will

I'm a all American boy
All American man
Yeah, yes I am
I'm just a all American boy
Baby, I-I-I'm an American man
That's what what I am

And I love decadent women, give me a, a European car
'Cause you know I love baby, a-bein' a star, yeah I do
Ooh, star-spangled guitar

I got a big one for my lady
Tell me, is that too hard to understand?
Oh, I thought so baby
From New York to Memphis
I got a hundred million supermen
Oh, that's what I am

I'm a all American boy
Baby, I'm American m-m-m-man, well yes I am
I'm a all American boy
I'm your Uncle Sam
Well that's who I am
Yes, we're all American boys
We're an American band

Oh yea
Oh, U.S. that's us, American man
I say the USA, well that's okay
American way, huh
Well love it, leave it, believe it baby
'Cause I'm your Uncle Sam, yeah

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Nine On A Ten Scale

Sammy Hagar texty

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