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Waste Land's Plead (Waste & Black) - text


He was born to rule a Kingdom
of barren earth and deadly heat
creeks and lakes were out of water
and fervent storms destroyed the seed
the cattle was damned for dying
there was a foot-and-mouth-disease
he heard his people crying
and begging for release

On the day of coronation
most of his realm was burnt and dry
but in that night he had a vision
of a goddess speaking wise
"I'm here to give you power
I give you might to till the sand
Stand up! Induce the shower
you was born to save this land"

Waste & black
will have an end yet
Waste & black
she gave him power

So he climbed up on the mountains
as high as only eagles dare
at the top he raised the sceptre
and everywhere they heard him swear:
"I'm here to take my power
I'll free this damned and cursed land!"
still he swore as a violent shower
came down to soak the fervent sand

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