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Straight Hammered Creed - text


We're rised from the dead for rocking'
and show you here's the way
This Special Metal seizes you
and makes you want to stay
We'll spread the real revelation
and come to roll down
an untameable vibration
the game's all over

Who told me Hard Rock's dying ?
You see they told a lie;
I'd rather stop an earthquake
then to quench SAMAIN's fire
We'll spread...

Straight hammered creed
SAMAIN is my religion
Straight hammered creed
I'll give it all to you

This stroke's prepared beforehand
and takes away your dread
the thrilling rhythm moves you
and drives you to be glad
We'll spread...
Straight hammered creed

We're rised from the dead to rock you
real heroes of your dreams
this Hammer smashes all doubts
nobody stops our steam
We'll spread...
We'll found a new generation
that come to roll down
all those glorification
it won't pass over...

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