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I'd been the sacrifice
the victim of your lust
a mistake of your vice
here was me full of trust
They told me Gods will call
their greed'll be satisfied
you should be strong and tall
to die next full moon night

I'm a giant man
I 've got long fair hair
a condemned noble man
to rise into the air

My soul will never die
you'll never keep me quiet
all pain passes by
and one day you'll see the light
I'm gonna curse the day
you lost that virgin's use
hear me as I pray
why should I be abused ... I'm a giant man

It's time to tear out my heart
I have to set out on the trip
I wish someone would take my part
and sail away this frighten ship
Druid he wears the victim's coat
he's looking kindness much too much
he says I'd rather kill a goat
smiles at me and gives a nudge
I'm a giant man ... I'm a giant man
I'm a giant man ... I'm a giant man

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