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Your Ma - text


I've got an itch that I can't fix
I'm gonna get your mother
To mix me a drink
Just think

She takes my hand to put it up her skirt
I'll call you up to dish the dirt on her
So it doesn't reoccur
Your ma will do it

I don't know where to hide
Before I know it her hand's inside
I know the damage that she can do
With her hands untied

I try to keep her on hubbies work
But if I don't stop
She'll think I'm a jerk
A jerk

Go on, upper grade [unverified]

I've got a problem with someone's mum
But she relieves me of my daily humdrum
And while I stand there taking off her dress
I guess I'm in a mess

'Cause she wants a boy with the teenage drive
And knock his socks off his teenage life
And then I remember
She's your daddy's wife

Text přidal PsychoKiller

Video přidal PsychoKiller

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