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I found out I was in another town
didn't know they had to send out
I was waiting by the telephone
looking out from the top floor
Now this rain is not something I adore
but I was standing there hoping to open up the door
I looked around
put a hand into my pocket
And found a book that I had lost
I was dressed in black
feeling out of time
just waiting for that shiny Cadillac
baby send one out to bring me back
There was no one there to tell me
And I myself I couldn't see
that the hour hadn't come
So it's left with only roses
And an uphill climb in sight
no more dancing in the wasteland
I was too wasted anyhow
I placed one hand on my forehead
I shook the other one and sighed
in the now dead room
And the only child
No one was there to tell me
And I myself I could not see
that the hour hadn't come

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A Little Madness To Be Free

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