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Like stars up in a darkened sky
I stand obscured from view
With shining eyes that did not lie
I turn the page for you
The silent shadow in the night
I smile before I steal
Behind locked doors in emptiness
I am the things you do

Now I am your only friend
You must love the chameleon

Now child my man why not live and think
You have no time for rest
No thoughts, no words to comfort you
No smile or soft caress

I am the ride, the wishing well
The secrets to your fear
I light the candle burning bright
The call from distant years

Now I am your only friend
You must love the chameleon

Now I am your only friend
You must love the chameleon

I said now I am your only friend
Yeah, you must love the chameleon

Groovy little people that come around
Everybody look to the brand new sound
We gotta get down

I got a new trick, better than the old trick
Baby come with me we'll find a new kick, now

Cause I've seen the joke and it ain't funny
I think I might trade it in for some money

Tried so hard all these years
Tried so hard to live with my fears

I've just got to get out

I will do the John Travolta
I feel revolted
I will dance with anyone
I will get mine
Because I'm a chameleon I do what I can
I think that is nice, if I earned some money
Being funny for a record company
They get me lots of wonderful things
They give me a house, a car, a nice place to entertain my friends
And I've got lots of friends who come around
Because I am a chameleon
They tell me that they love me true
They like the things that I do because -

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