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Balsa Wood Bones - text


Somehow I can’t forget, you picked my feet off the ground
You pushed my face in, and I nearly drowned
What did that teach me?

I just can’t forget, you were just mean from the start
You’d leave me bleeding in the park after dark
What did that teach me

Somehow I don’t forget, you’d laugh right into my tears
You’d call me sissy, and you’d call me a queer
What did that teach me

I just won’t forget, how it just made you feel good
To snap my bones, like they were balsa wood
What did that teach me

Somehow I didn’t forget, I found out right where you live
I rang the buzzer and I let myself in
All that you taught me

I will never forget, the look of shock on your face
I pulled the trigger and your life was erased
What did that teach you?

Text přidala Ketyss

Video přidala Ketyss

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