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Our Babies 2 (Crazy World) (feat. Frank Dapuz.. - text


[Intro: little kid]
It's a crazy world out there
Kids are getting shot at school
People are dying
I'm just trying to make it through 7th grade!
And all these wars going on
What am I supposed to do?
In this world it's troubles

[Saigon (Frank Dapuzzo)]
Yeah, I don't know man
It's gettin crazy man (it's a crazy world)
Uh, it's a crazy world out there man
For real (it's a crazy world)
Crazy, hahaha, "Bread and Circuses" (it's a crazy world)
Google it (this life we live) uh-huh (in a crazy world)
It's so crazy, the things you see man
You turn on the television, you look outside your window
It's a crazy world out there man, look

The other day I seen a girl actin like a boy
Then I seen a little boy actin like a girl
People try to tell me it's just the way of the world
(It's a crazy world) It should make you wanna 'url
A black boy's shot cause he was wearin a hood
Nobody riot even though that we know we should
Too afraid of dyin cause if we wasn't we would
(It's a crazy world) Thought that you understood?
Alcohol killed more people than oil
So-called illegal drugs put together for sure
So why is that somethin you could just go buy at the store?
(It's a crazy world) It's somethin I can't call
They killed Bin Laden and everybody just smiled
If he did was alleged then yeah that maggot is foul
Question I ask you is, what happened to his trial?
(It's a crazy world) Wow
We represent war, the first thing you hear
is in "The Star-Spangled Banner", the first instance clear
The rocket's red glare, bombs burst in the air
Make it harder for peaceful people to persevere
But we was raised here, this is all we know
(It's a crazy world) So you know how it's gon' go
(This life we live, in a crazy world)
It's enough to make a nigga go crazy
Go crazy, make me go crazy
Go crazy, make you go crazy
Go crazy (it's a crazy world)
Enough to make a nigga go crazy
Go crazy, make you go crazy
Go crazy, make you go crazy
Crazy, crazy (it's a crazy world)

My man hit his cousin in the head with a curl bar
Just so he can take the shit and put it on WorldStar
This other muh'fucker drank a whole thing of Smirnoff
(It's a crazy world) Bit his homeboy's ear off
White man came and told us of Joseph Kony
First we thought he was real, but now we know he's a phony
Caught him the next week in the park beatin his meat
(It's a crazy world) Shit just a bunch of baloney
And back to the subject at hand
I'm wonderin if this was God's plan or just the law of the land
A lot of niggaz in college, even more in the can
Cops got the block hotter than the Folrida sand
Damn, I just had a baby girl
(It's a crazy world) What's gon' happen to her?
(This life we live, in a crazy world)
It's enough to make a nigga go crazy
Go crazy, make you go crazy
Go crazy, make you go crazy (go crazy)
Make you go crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy...

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