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[Chorus: Corbett (Saigon)]
Don't let me be, just another one
I always told myself, I'll be here when it's done
I know they don't believe, but see we just begun
Momma I'm growin up, you gotta let me ruuuuuuuuun
(Gotta let me run, gotta let me run) Let me ruuuuuuuuun
(Gotta let me run, gotta let me run) Let me ruuuuuuuuun
(Gotta let me run, gotta let me run) Hey
Momma I'm growin up, you gotta let me run

I don't know but I gotta go, gotta go slow, but I gotta go cause I gotta grow
The flow got a nigga fall but I gotta show that I got a lot mo' to go, I gotta blow
I won't take no, I don't think so, hold on strong and no I won't let go
I'm almost there, I know I won't take long, I look in the rear and it's a long way home
D-d-don't let me be, just another one
Momma I'm growin up, run that to your younger son
I'm the one when it's all said and done, let it run to get a gun, the one that'll blow one
The one with the cold stare, niggaz wanna go there, and oh yeah I don't fear no one
Right now Twista-like style, quick to pipe down when usually I fight back
Now I'm lookin like wow, I came to learn and my main concern to put the mic down
Wow, album number two, how comfortable, last one was for you
This one is for you and for frontin niggaz too, comin for you, now what you gon' do?


Run away with the moonlight, third eye too bright for me to lose sight
And I'm only fuckin with niggaz that move right, can't rock with a man pants too tight
You belong in the blue light, district, this prick take hoe nigga to new height
You in the strip club you might, fear a nigga throwin bread no food fight, right
Got a style like Ike, the beat is my bitch, I'm wild for the night
Soup's upside your head when I spit it, another DV[?] tell the Feds I did it
You on TV with a Red Sox fitted, bet I won't go near Bed-Stuy with it
You know I'm just kiddin, Earth is our turf, I'm the person to say that first in my verse
Don't let me be, just another one
Just a statistic when, I'm havin so much fun
I'm in the boom-boom room with a poon-poon, lips smellin like perfume, wanna resume soon
Put your money where your mouth is, bet you find your honey where my house is


I don't know what I'm runnin from, I don't know where I'm runnin to
Seems your dreams are not comin true, what the fuck are you gonna do?
Stop it now? How dumb are you? How many lumps you want, one or two?
Your future's right there in front of you, whatever you do with it is up to you
Not for nothin but who the fuck are you? Lot of other people are fucked up too
You ain't the only one who luck's up boo, life a bitch but you could fuck her too
Like I said mami it's up to you, we don't do L's, W's
I'm not comfortable with #2, but it's up to you, it's up to YOU!


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