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DJ Absolut Freestyle - text


[Verse 1]
I run with gold rhymers
that know dramas
the ghetto goldminers
split a fine and roll a whole dime of trauma bid with old timers
trying to perpetuate the minds of the multitude
collectivism distorting they mechanisms eating they food
who blunted who walk the line to find a fraud and confront it
put one in his stomach
run with dudes thats 22 hundred
nothing change I could be probably plotting robbery
never monogamy prison I wear pornography
living is ideology god body illogical slugs lobotomize you
demonology trapped lord more then the local fraud
got hit by the board put a sword through a niggaz vocal cord
jakes contemplated licking him victims was sick of him
know the god creeped him but couldn't peep the curriculum
fake scarred in tri-state it wasn't hard to migrated
ya'll niggaz got ate broke down to a carbohydrate
I'm the veteran only nigga I aint never met a nigga better then
lyrically hitting you in your head again
fuck Exced-a-rin you gon need more medicine
slick raps will push your wig back like George Jefferson
you like me F it then you aint got to represent
real niggaz know Saigon flow is excellent
shit is mad evident why you think niggaz is giving us all these dead presidents
when we criminally negligent

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