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The Princess - text


You´ve been to Paris
You´ve been to New York
Eating the hearts of men with golden knife and fork

You play with their goodness
And pain is your game
A poisonous kiss – no one will be the same

Chorus Satan´s child
You’re the princess of the night
Saturated (in) wicked pride
(There are) seven deadly sins – but one to make you cry!
`Cause you
Are the angel of despite
It´s your beauty that belies
(There are) seven deadly sins – just one to make you die!

I can remember the first time
I looked into your eyes
The coldness inside them hits me with a blade of ice

And it´s my obligation
For I know the truth
You are the princess – killed by her fool


I´m the one to purify
And I will be your guide
I´ll be the fire that burns your pride away
And you – for all the fools that cry
You´ll pay (an) eye for an eye
Your execution waits


Oh it´s true my dear - Lies soon catch up with one
The lordship of your wicked pride will die
It´s destiny - Pride goes before the fall
The fairytale comes true!

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