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The Jester - text


Intro Silence drowns the laughter
And the last joke dies away
A pain-contorted smile
Is just a grimace in my face
Oh – noone will realize
Oh – the fear… behind these eyes
1.) Dance around cutting capers and jokes
Play the fool for another day
From the first time when their laughter arose
I was a victim on a royal stage
2.) Life´s paradox I smile when I cry
Out of vogue they´ll kill me goodbye
Behind a mask I´m hiding my sorrow
Will I cheer, or die tomorrow
Bridge I struggle to juggle
All my pain I receive from you
Just a bit of approval - ´cause a jester´s not only a fool
Refrain And the jester´s crying - a lake of tears
Sorrow´s washing delight away
And the jester´s trying - to hide his fears
Behind the fake of a smile (It´s just a pathetic try)
Interlude And if my antics starting to pall
There will be no chance at all
Their last amusement is to end my life
I shall welcome the hangmans knife
No one knows quite what it seems
Laughter turns to desperate screams
Chor am
Schluss And the jester, and the jester, and the jester´s trying
And the jester, and the jester, can´t stop his crying

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