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Solomon‘s Dance - text


An orb of fire and an orb out of ice
Dance through the desert of time
Life or death – he is rolling the dice
To hold the circle in line

His fire’s rising at the dawn of the day
And soon it cools down to ice
Since the beginning he is walking this way
And Solomon’s his disguise

It’s the circle of life
That shines through his eyes
Dance all day and all night
Through the desert of time
Guess for whom is that rhyme?

Chorus Solomon is dancing – every day every night
Solomon is dancing – life and death in his eyes
Solomon is dancing – it’s the question of life
Who’s the dancer between day and night

Out of the darkness and from fire to night
Across the sky and the ground
It is the circle that is shining so bright
It goes round and around and around


The enigma of life
The riddle in the circle
Round and around and around and around


Solomon is dancing
Solomon is on his way
Solomon is dancing night and day

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