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Ride on a Phoenix - text


1.) You´re lookin´ lost and lonesome
(so) take my hand I´ll be your guide
Don´t be afraid – just follow
The beacon-light to your life
2.) Come on I´ll show you the way
I´ll show you the way to fly
It´s just a walk on fire
We´ll have to burn to stay alive
Bridge: On wings of desire we rise again
Leaving the ashes behind
A trace full of fire will follow our way
Soaring up high to the sky
Chorus: Our fire is rising into a new dawn
Ride on the wings of a phoenix
Ashes to ashes - from dust we´re reborn
Our fire will take us away
3.) Right in a world of darkness
We´re reborn to carry the light (we burn the pyre of lies)
It´s just purification
Our flames burn down the night (out of the ashes we rise)
Middlepart: From dust and ashes we rise
Ignite a spark in the night
On wings of fire we ride
And with the flames we will fly

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