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Power and Glory - text


1.) So here we are my friends back on the road again
We´re spinning like a wheel, we´re burning like a flame
Bridge: This is the life we lead, this is our destiny
No one will force us to our knees
2.) We´re bleeding just like you but when the day is done
No one can stop us, we´re a bullet from a gun
Bridge: Release your energy and make your dreams come true
Tonight we´re playing just for you
Refrain: With power and Glory we´re fighting again
(still) searching for fortune and fame
(With) power and Glory we´ll rise once again
Unchain the fire within – power and Glory
Mittelteil: From valleys and deserts to mountains and forests
From rivers and lakes to the shores of the sea
We´re roaming the whole world, we´re serving the nations
Uniting our hearts and our minds to be free
Trough tempest and fire, through thunder and lightning
Through earthquakes and hardrain, by storm wind and hail
We´re singing our song ´till the message is spreading
“With power and Glory we all shine someday”
Bridge: Maybe we will be going down fighting
But we´ll never give in

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