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Once In My Dreams - text


Through out the life that I’ve been living
I’ve never felt this way before
True love to me was never given
I thought I’d live and die alone

You give me reason, you let me live again
And though there’s not much time we’ll spend

Chorus Follow me - just once in my dreams
One fleeting moment I need to believe
Share with me this one fantasy
Before forever I’ll leave

Like I have known you for a life-time
It seems to me when I’m with you
The circle’s closing and it all stands in line
In you I’ve found the love that’s true

You gave me reason, you gave me life again
And so I say before the end


On my way into death and destruction
Kneel and pray ‘cause the end has begun
Here I’ll stay where the madness of war rages on
Far away from the cries of the dying
To a place without sorrow and pain
Goes my mind to unite with your soul there in time



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Video přidal paja65

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