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Nine Lives - text


1.) I feel it deeper and deeper
Agony in my heart
Oh it´s the creep of the creepers
He pulls me into the dark
Intermezzo: I – want out! (Backings komplemetär: Please leave me alone!)
2.) Eighthundered years are over
Once I´ve closed the truce
And sold my soul to the shadows
(For) a nearly endless youth
Bridge: It´s wicked – through and through
A pale child guides me into the knife
It´s wicked … and hell arrives
Refrain: Nine lives are fading – now I know I was betrayed
Nine times erasing – (and) my soul´s the prize to pay
3.) A noise awakes me at night
His servant is here
She opens her empty eyes
(to) show me all my fears
Variation: The fallen one has sent his child
A young dead body – she´s my guide
Into the abyss I´ve been sent
Nine lives come to an end

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Phoenix Rising

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