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Somewhere deep in the night I’m stranded
Feels like I’m washed on a timeless shore
Tell me where are the days of glory
Gone away, it seems, forevermore

Eye to eye with love’s damnation
Tell me why, It’s not in our hands to foresee
Mindless crime and desperation

Come falling down
I’m down on my knees
Back to the ground and now I can see
The end of my dreams

I can’t hold on to your heart of stone
Don’t tell me I’m the only one
How long ‘til the crime is done?
How could I have known you’ve got a heart of stone?

I can feel out there a storm is coming
In the sky clouds are drawing near
There’s afire raging behind the mountains
It’s time to face all my fears

Eye to eye with love’s damnation
Never mind, the sorrow I’m feeling inside
Cold as ice, the end is awaiting

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