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Fallen Hero - text


1.) Lost and alone, pushed down from your throne
Your crown´s been taken away
Down in the dust, no more do you trust
In what you once called your fate
You were so strong, but something went wrong
The faith has gone from your mind
So where is your pride, the fire in your eyes
No strengh no hope left to find
Bridge So hey, start a new day, get back on your way
And walk through the haze
Just fight with head held up high
There´ll always be another try
Refrain Fallen Hero – don´t lose the fight,
I know you own so much pride
Fallen Hero – make up your mind
Never give up in your life – fight fire with fire
(Falle Hero – wind up high)
2.) You´ve made some mistakes, but for heavens sake
Only the cowards make non
Learn from the past, and you will be blessed
And don´t give up ´till you´ve won
Bridge So hey, get back on your feet, each time that you bleed
There will be a victory
Just fight, look up to the sky
Salvation will come to those who try

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