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Crown of Creation - text


1.) See them walking on fields of destruction
The legions of innocent souls
Trying to escape the bitter end
Leaving their home and their land
2.) Hear the cries of the lost and the fallen
Ascending up high to the sky
No one seems to give a damn
It´s not our fault – we pretend
Bridge: One king out of mind – and thousands will cry
One leader, one lie – and millions will die
No way to survive
Refrain Hatred and lies – from the crown of creation
See them fighting a thousand years
Surrender or die – hear the cries of the nations
Weeping oceans of tears
3.) Feel the pain of the victims, the orphans
See them cry in the rain
Soldiers march across the land
To kill and to conquer´s their aim
Interlude Hearts breaking down, souls torn to the ground
In this painful parade
World´s going insane, still no one´s to blame
There´s no need to be afraid
Bridge A circle of pain – again and again
If we´ll never learn – in fire we´ll burn,
No way to return
Key-solo Crown of creation – what have we done
Crown of creation – we are one
Interlude Don´t turn your head, don´t be misled
Try to forsee, hear me
Don´t let them fall, answer the call
Learn from history, wisdom´s the key

Text přidal paja65

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