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Out on the edge of nowhere
Lost in a desperate fight
Oh Lord, I feel it coming
There is no place to hide
Cold fire, darkness shining
I’m crossing liquid skies
And through my eyes of a child
I see my life passing by

Is this today? Is this tomorrow?
Losing my way, there is a price
We have to pay

Now I am living all the lives I never knew
Where am I going? Is this a dream or the truth?

Something out there is waiting for me
In the end who can say what will be

(We are)
Breaking the chains of time
We are so far beyond the line
Breaking the chains of time
Is there a way to stop this fight?
Breaking the chains of time
Caught in between of daylight and night
Breaking the chains of time
Could this just be our last goodbye?

No end and no beginning
Not one thing stays the same
Is this the final curtain or just another way?
So many years and ages
What have we learned so far?
Where are the answers that we’ve searching for?

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