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Don't step out of line - text


We are the pawns
And our moves are controlled by somebody else
Each in his time
Is removed without care and placed on the shelf
We can‛t hope to survive
We‛ve not the power to alter the course
Each of us in our lives
Must attend to release our ties to the source

Don‛t step out of line

How can we win?
Can we risk making moves that end in surprise?
Surely our strength
Is not really seen as much in their eyes
There‛s safety in numbers we‛re told
But we need the help of someone inside
Someone who knows place and time
Someone who‛s not afraid to decide

Don‛t step out of line

We just can‛t take anymore
We‛ve been fooling ourselves for too long
It‛s time for a change
Time to put our plans in flight
And take what is rightfully ours
Tonight we strike!

Now that we‛re in
Things will be different, there‛ll be quite a change
It‛s taken so long
Now that we run things, it all feels so strange
We‛ll look after our own
We‛ll clothe and feed them, control their design
Things will run smoothly, we‛re sure
So long as the new ones don‛t step out of line

Don‛t step out of line

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