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Sleep well my brother - text

Over the sea
it calls to me,
yesterday's gone,
I'm all allone.
Long boat it sails
into the sunset,
you finally found
your place to rest.

Sleep well my brother,
do not be afraid,
I can see the Valkyrie.
Take me with you,
take me so far away,
I can see the Valkyrie.

Now you have joined
the ranks of the fallen,
carried away by Valhalla's calling.
Now battle by day
and feast by night,
the glories you've seen
come into the light.


Now rest with the chosen
and rest in peace.
I've picked up the standarts
and I will release.
All that you fought for
and all that you loved,
watch over me brother
and guide from above..


Text přidala Maribel

Video přidala Maribel

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