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Maybe you can save me - text


Maybe you can save me

I see you walkin down the street
dont know if youre real or youre a frame missed in my dream

I see you coming down to me
a certain sins i want so bad god leave me be

I always thought that love is overrated
a fallen angel with green eyes embraced me

I always thought that i will need to fake it
until you came along are you here to save me

so hard to say four letter word
It is so hard to keep your wings unfold
It is so hard to say four letter word
its easier to stick to god we all call

Feel me now as i feel your warm hands, feel the fire as
we burn in desire, when the thin ice breaks, can you tell me the stakes between these days ill be sleepin in the shadows

Embraced by fire i burn in this desire, when all you need is to warm your hands i put out of my fence, i put out all defense

so that you could know that i love you so

Text přidala Mischa333

Video přidala Mischa333

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