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Venus and Bacchus - text

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(person 1):
"close my eyes
pull my heart strings
pour my tears from your hands
'connections are never easy,' you said
empty words
empty soul
I believe that we are afraid of one another"
(person 2):
"and I, I believe that you have died within me"
...I fade from myself
I miss you again
I fade from myself
I miss you again...again
(what have we got?)
bloody broken and hidden away
I seek the rope from which we will hang
or so it seems
or so it seems
the dance of flesh on flesh has rendered us blind
(person 1):
"I look into eyes, I look into stone
it's better to be stepped on than left all alone...
so now I choke on yesterday when I was someone
and I wonder where 'forever' went
and how our 'everything' came undone
I opened my eyes and the heaven beneath us died."

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