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Slaves To Misery - text


Skilled victims play their games
A cause of violence for fortune and fame
Like all possessed they worship it all
Money loving mercenary risks it all

Why can't you see the intensity
The high that was not to be
With no decline it works every time
Until we had enough we'll see
You can't get enough of the fucking stuff
The rotting of the brains a game
Time after time
With the loss of a mind
You're crying out insanity

You can't afford to be
As fucking dumb as you seem
You know the price you can't pay
You steal from one to repay
The debts of bets, you should die...

Slave to misery
Causing suffering

Anything causing pain
Experiencing agony
Torment, torture
I don't want to see you suffer

Slave to misery
Causing suffering

Text přidal atblatex

Text opravil DevilDan

Video přidal paja65

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