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Unknown substance
A putrid cloud
Choking all within
Results of progress
A noxious waste
Floating in the air
Living free? Chemically
So now our world is fading
into slowly burning out
Prime Wealth? Toxic Health
Advancing towards extinction
is the way it's turning out
Foul Air? Do you care?
Is cleanness where you live
Going against your common believe
Too much slime, insufficient time?
In a suffocated future
will you find the time to breathe
Jammed in one place
Blind in haste
Progress can't wait
A life in waste
Tending towards - Technology
Reverse of: life's biology
Chemical comatose
Radiation overdose
Burning, melting flesh
Leaking slime of dissolving waste
Overflowing blackness of death
Creation is being torn down by abuse
Infringement of the substance and our use
Elements decomposing, dilution is too slow
Every contribution to the evolution
Its bad gets worse; deathly course
Swallowed in Black
Faced with reality?
Search your memory
Nothing dead ever comes back
The Black

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Swallowed in Black


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